Organizations currently trading or exchange data looking for better distribution channels (e.g data brokers, market research firms)

Organizations producing commercially valuable data as a by-product. (e.g e-commerce shops, retailers, analytic providers.)

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No integration

We connect with your datasource. No more need for file uploads, versioning. It's just simple and easy to connect your Database or your FTP.


Wider Audience

Our platform enables users to search for Data Assets using Categories, Tags, Text search. This makes your Data Asset discoverable by a global network without any effort.


One-stop platform

In the platform you will find all your needs to manage your Data Assets. Querying your Database, Sanitizing fields, handling visibility and costs.



Is your Data Asset constantly being updated? You can set an interval and we will pool the latest data every time.



Add Datasource

Connect your datasource, the more we grow we will provide more types of datasources. Always with security in mind. The datasource will act as source of publishing, or as receiver of data.


Create Metric

Creating your metric is simple. For example add a query combined with your datasource or a file and you are ready!


Share it!

Now the fun part. Sharing your metrics is easy including setting up your security settings, everything customizable to every step.