Organizations currently trading or exchange data looking for better distribution channels (e.g data brokers, market research firms)

Organizations producing commercially valuable data as a by-product. (e.g e-commerce shops, retailers, analytic providers.)

No integration

We connect with your datasource and manage the Data Transfer. No more need for file downloads, versioning or moving around big Data files.

Wider Audience

Our platform enables users to search for Data Assets using Categories, Tags, Text search. This makes your Data Asset discoverable by a global network without any effort.

One-stop Platform

In the platform you will find all your needs to manage your Costs, historic data and also give back to the community through our Review System.


Is your Data Asset constantly being updated? You can set an interval and we will pool the latest data every time.

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⭐ Popular Datasets ⭐

Crypto Currencies Historic Data

Historic price data for over 1000 coins ranging from 2013 till 2017. Column definition: date open high low close volume market coin

11,076 hand images of 190 subjects

Welcome to the 11k Hands dataset, a collection of 11,076 hand images (1600 x 1200 pixels) of 190 subjects, of varying ages between 18 - 75 years old. Each subject was asked to open and close his fingers of the right and left hands. Each hand was photographed from both dorsal and palmar sides with a uniform white background and placed approximately in the same distance from the camera. There is a record of metadata associated with each image which includes: (1) the subject ID, (2) gender, (3) age, (4) skin color, and (5) a set of information of the captured hand, i.e. right- or left-hand, hand side (dorsal or palmar), and logical indicators referring to whether the hand image contains accessories, nail polish, or irregularities. The proposed dataset has a large number of hand images with more detailed metadata. The dataset is FREE for reasonable academic fair use.

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