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Data Sharing is Key.

Whichever sector you belong to Corporate, Academic or Freelancing sharing data between partners is crucial. Accessing data pools from Universities, Vendors, Statistic providers or Datasets, all deserve to be handled easily without heavy integration on your side, under one Platform.

How can we help?

DataCircle is an E-Commerce Data Marketplace, which enables Entities to Consume, Provide and Exchange data within the platform. We are focused on bringing a smooth experience without risking Security.


Security is our top-most concern.

We are fully HTTPS enabled. Your data are always secured on multiple levels by leveraging features from MSSQL to encrypt data even on a row level.

Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves into providing a clean UI for you to setup your security settings easily.

Currently in Beta!


This is currently a soft launch.

We are utterly excited and would love to hear your opinion about DataCircle feel free to contact us directly. directly.

Of course we are always open to people who want to help Datacircle!

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